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Summer Kindle Giveaway!

That's right! Some amazing authors got together and are offering a fabulous giveaway for our readers!

What is being offered? **big grin**

Oh yeah, baby! Is that sexy or what?!

And guess what! It doesn't end there! All the authors are offering their novels for just .99!!!

*****SWOOONS***** I don't know about you, but I am going to be snatching up quite a few of those titles!

Oh and look in that corner.... what is that? Hmmm, could it be my book baby ASHES AND ICE?! Why yes! :) For the month of June, Ashes and Ice will be .99!

Buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Want a teaser?

Here you go:

Show some love and Snag a banner! All done by the AMAZING Mae I Design!

Aren't they puuurrrty!? :)

Would you like to win some swag???

Share the ASHES AND ICE sale on FACEBOOK here. One lucky SHARER will win a signed ASHES AND ICE bookmark :)

**************DRUM ROLL***********

Now onto the AWESOME giveaway!

First off, are you scrambling to find all of the Scavenger hunt words? Hmmm, I love to wear
  NAIL POLISH in the summer!

Be sure to check out the AWESOME Shanora Williams blog out for tomorrow's post! 


What an awesome giveaway!


I know, right! It has been fun to be a part of! :)


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