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30 Day Love-My-Body-Health Challenge

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to weight less. 50lbs ago I felt fat and insecure. Now I curse myself for not adoring my tiny waist and thick, muscular legs. Not gonna lie, ya'll, I am flab-a-licious. Rolls galore. I was so ashamed of my weight gain for a long time, but after my recent epiphany, I decided that my body needs to be celebrated--regardless of my imperfections, because each "flaw" is mine. Beauty cannot be defined by a particular body type. We cannot compare ourselves to the ladies on TV, magazines, plastered across our Facebook pages. Saying we are NOT beautiful is not setting an example to our daughters, nieces, or loved ones. We have to look in the mirror and accept who we are and what the mirror reflects.

So, guess what?! I'm beautiful. I may not look like a Victoria Secret model, but this body is mine and I need to celebrate how far it has brought me.

Now, this doesn't mean that I will CHOOSE to treat it poorly. I have… for a while (sorry, body!). But my shift in perspective and self-love demands me to re-evaluate how I treat my body. Since my weight gain, I have terrible feet pain, more fatigue, increase in light-headedness, shortness of breath, back/neck pain. All in all, I am falling apart. 


So, I need to make some changes. Increase the veggies, decrease the sugar. Increase the water, decrease the soda. Increase the lean protein, decrease the starchy carbs. Work my ass off (well, not really, I **and my hubs** kind of like my bubble butt) at the gym. My goal is to be healthy and strong. 

Eventually, I would like to get involved with dance and martial arts. 

Here is my plan:

30 Day Challenge

10 Glasses of Water Per Day
5 Workouts a Week
4 Cups of Veggies a Day
No Starchy Carbs after 3pm
No Food after 7pm
TRY for 7.5 Hours of Sleep per night (2hr Increase)
No Soda

*whew! That sounds semi-terrifying! But, in 30 days I will report my journey--the ups/downs and results… even if I fall off the wagon. 

So here I go :)

Are you on your own body-love journey? Have you lost weight? Or have a success story? Please share! We are all in this together!


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