The Stars Are Ours

The Musings of a Dreamer

Hello, you sexy/fabulous little Blog Post! Oh my, first one, are you? No wonder you sparkle...

Now that is some badass sparkles if you ask me! Writing Ninja. BOOYAH!

Well, this is my very first blog post on this shiny new blog. I have to warn you. I suck. Seriously, I am an epic fail at blogging. I've tried. **don't laugh you person that has seen my blog FAILS** I would like this blog to focus on DREAMS. 

Many of my dreams have revolved around my family, my health, my adventures, my career. Some of you know that I recently published my FIRST NOVEL. A YA Dark Fantasy. This was a dream of mine for years. Check that baby off the bucket list! I am working on other projects now :)

I love reading, writing, and dreaming. I also love dancing Bachata with my hubby, singing in the shower, drinking coffee with those I love most, and pretending to be a super hero with my three year old daughter. 

I will keep readers informed about my life, but also about the dreams and accomplishments of my dear friends. 

We all have dreams--sometimes they are buried deep within us. Search for them, dust them off, and look to the stars to see them sparkle. Reach for them. 

Reach for the stars, ya'll. The Stars Are Ours.

And that's until next time (love & miss you pops--he used to sign off every letter this way:),



Awww! That was super-nice! And you don't ;)

Welcome home, sweetheart!



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